Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rap God

Guess who’s back? Back again.
Taken from Eminem FB page

No, I’m not speaking about my return to social media after around a month away. I’m speaking about Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka Marshall Mathers, aka the f*cking Rap God. The reference to MMLP’s Remember Me in the bloody intro talks volumes about his intentions with this song and more importantly, with this album.

Let me make it clear that I don’t agree with the MMLP2 album title and the context. It’s like Sisqo announcing Thong Song 2; like Nas announcing Illmatic 2; like them Disney faggots announcing Lion King 2...hold on wait? In any case, after releasing and presenting a track list with the likes of Survival and Berzerk, I wasn’t too crazy or convinced. Furthermore, there’s no mention of a Dre feature or an official sequel to an MMLP track. The grace of that track list is the thought of Kendrick and Eminem murdering a track together and Em releasing a track by the name of Rap God.

It’s that old school Shady attitude that’s the standout aspect of this track. The I-don’t-give-a-fuck nature. He’s not really dissing individuals – yet – but he’s taking a dig at a whole industry as a whole. Better yet, he’s announcing himself as not only back in the game, but back to murder the game. I wonder if this was written before, during or after Kendrick’s Control verse. I wonder if Em was aware of Kendrick’s intentions on that verse and they spoke about the lack of competitions and true hip hop ego’s before they released the respective features. The flow that we missed and lyrics that we demanded have come in abundance in Rap God. There’s thought in almost every single bar and that’s real rap. Other than a bit of a generic chorus, there’s just fire in every line. I’m not fully convinced yet and I have to stress that but I’m impressed as hell at the fire he spat on this track. He’s been a rap god for as long as I’ve followed the game and it’s good to see him confirming that shit.

My theatrical version of Stan

My theatrical version of Stan