Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kendrick Lamar's Control Verse

“Don’t ask for your favourite rapper. He dead, Amen (I killed him)” Kendrick Lamar- Rigamortus

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Around a week on and people still be talking about this Kendrick verse. I’m seeing a lot of interesting points being made; a few startling debates kicking off and some utter gas being spoken about the decade’s most controversial verse. First of all, let’s just make it clear that Kendrick is ahead of every single rapper in the game right now. Section 80 was incredible, GKMC was historic and almost every feature he’s done has been golden. Not only that, he’s been the busiest artist this summer playing at sell-out festivals around the world. If anyone was to drop bars like this at a time like this, I think it’s fitting that it was Kendrick. You can’t have a Jay Z, Nas or Andre verse like that right now cos they all God’s already. By dissing Kendrick for this verse the way that Ortiz, Ferg and a few other have done, you ain’t understood what the guy has tried to do and basically…you’re stupid.

If you follow the rap battle leagues URL, KOTD or our very own Don’t Flop, then you’ll know that MC’s constantly send for one another. A huge level of mutual respect is overshadowed by an even bigger sense of competition; to be the best in the game. It’s nothing personal, or at least it shouldn’t be. That’s what Kendrick is trying to do here man and instead of repeating all the things that is written in this article, why don’t you have a read for yourself?

He probably could have made the same impact if he didn’t name drop those “new n*ggas” and just named himself amongst the best rappers. That way, the other “new” dudes won’t have been so hurt not to have been mentioned. Whatever though, I don’t care what inspired Kendrick to write this verse but I’m so f*ckin’ glad for it. The overhype on Twitter, meme responses on Instagram and crazy amounts of Kendrick Lamar Response YouTube videos are just the beginning of a new and healthy era for hip hop; or at the very least, that’s what I hope it’ll be. 

My theatrical version of Stan

My theatrical version of Stan