Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Everyone and anyone that’s heard of Ye will know that he’s taken shit to new levels in recent months. Levels that are surprising even by his standards. I was at that sold out Hammersmith show where he sang shit about corporations, the Grammys, Jay-Z etc. Now, I’m cool with whatever he does most the time as long as he acknowledges – as he’s done in previous shows – his loyal and consistent fans. Shit, I was even cool with him dissing Justin Timberlake but what wasn’t cool was the way he reluctantly came back out (as most artists do at the “end” of their show), performed the last song with no effort and dropped the mic without once acknowledging his fans; that ain’ like Ye. The following night, this happened and it needs no explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Jkw6k54HA

Youtube screenshot
I forgave Kanye on the basis that he’s going through a weird process which will come out creatively on his next album and ultimately justify the crazy, revolutionary behaviour. That next album has dropped and he's titled it Yeezus. The first track I checked out was the Saturday Night Live performance of Blk Skn Head (Black Skinhead) and yeah, he’s done it again. The tribal-like drumming, followed by a cry of Kanye’s famous ad-lib “HAAAAAAAAN” and a heavy breathing backing on the track was the near-perfect way to start this performance. The concept of the title was made clear as soon as the camera turns to him; his deranged movements and use of the microphone echoing likewise. I caught some of his lyrics but he was losing his breathe and they were hard to understand. I figured I’d just wait for the actual single to release before commenting further on the song. I turned off the song until it leaked and I was eager to listen to the audio.

I was disappointed that he didn’t include the ad-lib on the track and instead replaced it with stupid noises of an ape being ticked but apart from that, this track boasts masterful production and insanely powerful lyrics. The build-up to the climax of both verses and hooks make you take slow steps until you’re eventually running into the Kanye zone. The deep bass on the “Four in the morning” hook is crazy and if you’ve spent good money on some headphones or speakers then treat yourself to this example of sick production. Considering the concept of the song, the references to King Kong and Iraq are genius. His description of himself as devoted and possessed further creates his intended image of a skinhead. Yeezy has a Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd style undertone to his voice and we usually hear it in the ad-lib. It would have topped off this song incredibly but I’m glad that we get to hear some of that undertone at the end when he chants “God” repeatedly.

This track is dope. It shows Ye’s passion and anger towards the ever-present theme of racism and anti-black America. With a crazy blend of production, this is a true theme song. 

My theatrical version of Stan

My theatrical version of Stan